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1974 620 flywheel difference with 510?


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I picked up a roadster clutch at the eagle rock swap meet . I had one on my old 510 with l18. Took my clutch out and the clutch is noticeably smaller than original and won't mount on my l18 flywheel . Is there a difference?

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since you have a L18motor and want to run the Roadster Pressure Plate

You need to find a L16 flywheel or a L18 car flywheel. This should be pretty common.


Your L18 flywheel if tru is a 225mm is very rare like 1 yr only iteam. People do look for these.


to be on the safe side you need a 510 T/O bearing and the collar for the Roadster set up as the 510 and Roadster have the same diaphrame height. If you know where your old car is at and they did a motor pull that would be best to get. Just get a new Bearing for it.



Just make sure you have a REAL Roadster Pressure plate. I think they have 3 rivits instead of the 2. Alot of places will sell the stock 510 pressureplate to fit in the Roadster(Like O Rileys,Schucks) but its not the 650KG unit. but the 350 KG unit. So do the ck.


also best to put a new slave cyl in also as the old ones they usually blow out soon as the rubber is used to the old EZ to push in clutch.

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thanks hainz for the quick response..also datsaholic...

i got a buddy bringing over a car flywheel.. i was on napa's website going over there clutches and saw that the 78 280z and 78 620 use the same clutch.. and it apparently has the same specs as the original 74 620 clutch.. only information difference i see that they say the disc hub/ input shaft size on the z clutch is 9" and the 74 620 is 8 7/8 wondering if that really mat ere.d and i do had a new slave... just trying to figure out what clutch gonna end up running.. as for the collar.. not sure if i can get that... so hainz ur saying once i use the car flywheel and clutch the collar will be taller or smaller?

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