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build or swap?


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Im picking up a b210 with a14 that im looking to build into a rally car however due to rally rules newbs cant have turbos. so question is should i build up the a14 or swap out for a different engine. i dont need to be "squirrel on crack" fast but quick. so my goals would be 100hp and 0-60 in 11-10sec. and if swap is the ONLY way which engine? L series or CA? also dont need to put on too much weight as dodging trees is more important than 1/4 mile perfomance. thanks for any help

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The A14 is a long ways from 100hp, but can be built to the 100hp level for about $1500.


What kind of rally are you going to do? For ghymkana/rallycross, you can win with the A14. The L swap is easist and least expensive. L20B has over 100Hp, even the L16 has 95hp. But they weight considerably more, will add 250 lbs to your car (engine, larger transmission, and larger rear end.

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ive been doing a little research isnt the CA engines the same weight? would these be a harder swap? im looking to stage rally, autox and rallyx, and if rallycross like what is featured on Xgames and Rallyamerica ever makes it to west coast and local levels i would do that.

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CA is a medium-skill swap. Basically exactly the same as fitting an L-series engine. But wiring is more difficult and requires EFI plumbing and fuel pump.


Are they the same size? No. In 1982, the E15 replaced the A-series engine in FWD cars (Datsun 310). The exact same year the CA replaced the L-series/Z-series for FWD cars (Stanza). The CA is similar in size, but still larger on the outside than the A14/A15, considerably wider too. The E15 is nearly identical to the A15.


Buy a CA18DE with matching transmission, wiring harness and ECU. Less than $1350 (which is what a CA18DET goes for). The transmission is the hardest part to find for a swap. You can swap the CA transmission front-half-case with a 720 shorty transmission and use a stock driveshaft. Or just cut a new shifter hole 4" back and shorten the driveshaft.


Motor mounts are same as for an L-series.

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a real good upgrade is an H89 head with its matched intake/exhaust and adapt to a Weber then jet down to what you need. I shaved my head for more compression and unshrouded the valves, and upsized the exhaust ports more. this will wake up an A engine for not alot.

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