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Need some help guys, rear end swap


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Hey guys, so im from another fourm (infamousnissan) and i was refered here.


can anyone tell me if an isuzu trooper rear end can be swapped to a hardbody? or a 720? because the 720 rear axle and the hb rear axle are intercangable correct?


im not worried about the legth, just the center section, will it line up with my drive shaft or is offset to much?


thnaks! btw you guys have some sick ass trucks! :thumbup:

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try isuzutrooper.com. 720 and Harbody use several types of differentials. THe 3rd-member (pumpkin) can be different between two hardbodies.


Which 3rd-member do you need? It should be listed on your underhood or Door ID sticker. Something like HG37 or CA41.

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I would not say the 720 and the WD-21 Hardbody axle assemblies are interchangeable. The 720 came mostly with H-190 rear ends but the later 4x4s switched to a C-200 Salisbury type. The WD-21 Hardbody had H-190, C-200 and H-233 rear ends. So the C-200 is out as the center section is not removable. The H233 uses massive splined axles nothing like the 720's H-190.


Iszuzu uses Dana?



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