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720 project


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Hey, registered a while and always browsing around and love the site and there is tons of info here and awesome rides. I finally just a chance to post up some pics of my 1981 720. Hope you like....


first day





new weber



ordered some wheels from Japan. Ordered some belltech drop spidles and upgraded to hardbody dual piston v6 calipers and drilled and slotted rotors :thumbup:










now the new wheels





I'm trying to get a flush look. Next thing i was working was rear disk conversion with Beebani's brackets and also a c notch to go lower in the rear but a couple days ago my truck overheated and either blew a head gasket, warped the or cracked it :(

So now im planning on rebuilding my engine. ive been doing a little research and i dont know if i want to have a stroker built (just need a little more info on how to) or i found a rebiuld kit on rpmmachine.com that has a .040 over bore kit, im undecided as of now. I also plan on ordering a cam from comp cams, might as well while it is torn apart.

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If this is a good running motor I would start by removing the head and checking to see if it's warped. Overheating by itself won't warp a head, but continuing to drive it while overheated can. It's very possible the gasket just blew out. My L20B did this without any warning and all I did was replace the head gasket. For about $20-$30 you could have your truck back on the road.


The Z22 is pretty much stroked out and there is no cheap easy way to make it bigger this way. A stroker 2.2 usually refers to having a smaller L20B and putting the L head, cam drive gear and cover, oil pan and motor mounts from it onto a Z22 motor, effectively making it into an L(Z)22B. What you can do is put larger KA or Z24 pistons in it making it a big bore 2.3 BUT!!! you would also have to replace the head with one from a smaller combustion chamber L20B OR find a Z20 head from a Mileage option 720 that also has the smaller combustion chamber. Research, research, research.

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The milk chocolate is often found around the oil filler cap. This is normal water vapor and blow by condensing on the cooler valve cover. A better check is to drain the oil out and look at it. It is very hard for water to get into the oil through a head problem. What can happen is if the gasket leak is severe enough some small amount of water can get by the rings in the form of steam and condense in the oil pan. If this is the case just change the oil. Any small amount left will evaporate from engine heat.

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Hey what year did you get the V6 front brakes from , 87? and is that a direct bolt on upgrade to the truck. even if your using the stock spindles?  Im thinking of upgrading to this setup and wanted to make sure all I needed was to buy the rotors and calipers. thanks for the info.

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