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  1. These are the COSMIS RACING XT-206R wheels in 20x10.5 with a 4 offset. Selling the ENKEI RT-6 wheels. never even mounted them they are now sitting in the cosmis racing boxes ready to go.
  2. Enkei RT-6 20x9 with a 12 offset, custom powdercoated Satin Dark Bronze with Gold flake.
  3. I am in the process of moving, and came across my stock air cleaner and factory carb from my 1982 720, if you want it I will be willing to pretty much let you have it, but you have to pay for shipping, I have long since sold my truck, and still kicking myself for doing so..but oh well. would love to help out the community. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zf9nenmvqghmg6m/20171123_204842.jpg?dl=0
  4. Thanks man..it was a fun project and I was torn on getting rid of her..but it is what it is.. Message me with any questions you have if I can help you I will man...that was half the fun of this build...being creative with it...I too hope to see her done soon the guy who got her seemed pumped about finishing it..
  5. Ok these are all I have left of the truck to sell off...anyone interested. Message me before they hit eBay...
  6. Well it is with a good deal of sorry that I must announce to everyone that after tonite I will no longer be the owner of my beloved Datsun. As much as I wanted to see this project all the way to the end. I have accepted an offer for her and fully expect to close the deal tonite. If this falls through I will let everyone know. I will have a few items for sell that I acquired over the years. I will post them up in the classifieds later. things like a Black ST steering wheel, which as many of you know from my thread has been gone through . and I have my 17x8 10 offset rims also mentioned in the tread that are not going with the truck so they will be up for grabs. Take care guys, I will still be on here following my favorite builds. Lee
  7. I think lockleaf was referring to my project.
  8. And to make it more stable.i will add pontoons to it..it will be painted to look like a bomber war plane..lol. she may not be fast but she will be different...and most who know me know i like to be different..lol
  9. And my other money pit... The day i got it..been stripped out since this pic..getting ready to do a full redesign and build.
  10. In her new temp home..got to keep her out of the weather til i can get some paint on her.
  11. Ok truck will be home Saturday....then I will find someone to help finish it...one of the guys that came by the shop to help the former owners mom get things sorted out tried to buy it from me also...kinda cool he's a fan and also offered to help me finish it if needed at a fair price..more to come soon.
  12. Well, we worst has happened, My body shop guy/friend has died, he made it out of surgery and all that but didn't make it through the next nite. Now for the fun part of getting my truck back together and out of the shop. the landlady's first words to me were, I hope you have proof that this truck is yours...Not real sure how long its gonna take to get this mess straightened out but I will keep everyone posted.. Looks like I might be painting this thing myself after all..
  13. Long time no post, just wanted to let everyone know whats going on with my truck...in short...NOTHING...LOL I have kinda let it hit the back burner for a while now, due to alot of things one being regardless if its getting worked on or not at the current shop its at..its free storage for me out of the weather..which is a good thing. The shop owner was cutting me a price break for being able to take his sweet time and do it when there was nothing going on at the shop which I was fine with..but I have really been wanting to get it done so I planned on going to the shop and just putting the whole thing back together and have it finished elsewhere by one of the former workers that is no longer there, that and the shop has been busy lately and hes low on help...so no time to work on mine...all good im not mad at him or anything, I knew this could happen and was ok with it...but heres the kicker...went to his shop a few days ago and hes not there..went back a few days later and hes not there..finally see a facebook posting by his shop that says hes in the hospital, with heart failure...OH Shit....hes always had issues but it seems it just got bad...yesterday he had a pace maker and defibrillator put in...WOW suxs for him, I wish him a speedy recovery, but until then, I have zero access to the truck...so thats where we are as of today...just wanted to share..
  14. Just an fyi, I'm still alive....and no progress on the truck lately. a lot of other stuff has been happening... daily blew up.... rode motorcycle for a bit...bought a new daily. a 2000 Subaru Outback sport (wagon), and then bought a little aluminum12 foot V hull ...so in the process of putting a deck on it and making it a little bass boat...lol
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