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Weber 32/36 & Offy Intake

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I have a perfect condition Weber 32/36DGAV-IC carb and equally nice Offenheuser dual plane intake manifold for Datsun L series 4 cylinder engines (L16, L18, L20b). I purchased the carb brand new last year for $400 from Redline. It has a working electric choke and idle cutout solenoid. The idle cutout solenoid eliminates any possibility of engine run-on after the ignition switch is turned off. It also includes the mechanical throttle linkage shaft for use in a '68-'73 Datsun 510.


This is a VERY nice carb setup for your 510 or other Datsun. The jets were changed for an L20b. It comes with a small assortment of primary, secondary and air correction jets.


This is on CL in Portland. I will sell for $350 to a Ratsun.

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if your '78 620 has the factory manifolds, you'll need to switch to an older L-series exhaust manifold.


When you remove your factory intake, the part where it attaches to the exhaust manifold will be open. The older exhaust manifolds don't connect together with the intake.

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