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how would a carbon fibered dash look in a 710? bc mine is a total piece of crap well its getting there:D so does anyone know how much it can cost to something this ridiculous? or how it might look

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Isn't there some thin vinyl sheets of faux carbon fiber for dressing up a dash? Back in the mid 70s I worked at GM and got lots of that wood grain vinyl stuff for the panel along the sides of the truck box. It was thin and stretchy and has a sticky back and you just press on after wetting the surface. Press out the water and air bubbles with a squeegee and cloth and a hair drier. I actually wood grained the doors just above the panel on my dime.



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Carbon fiber is over rated and over hyped to death. It's used more for aesthetics than anything else these days. Who needs a carbon fiber E-brake handle? the plastic one not strong enough? When people ooh and aah about your dash you can smile and know you spent $20 for some Mactac vinyl and stuck it on one afternoon before one. Don't tell them or they'll be pissed for being fooled. It's all about looks. If it looks like a duck...

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i see your point but one proublem the dash is cracked and chiped and well it looks like it has seen lots of action...and how do i get rid of it, i see the vinyl your saying but its not gonna take away the cracks and stuff from a 34 year old car.

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It would fill the space up at least. Yiou can use that expanding foam stuff, just put a small bead of it in the crack, let it dry, then carefully use a knife to cut it flush with the rest of the dash and then cover it. How much would it cost to take it to a car interior place and have then recover it?

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i have no clue i asked a friend and he said no too much but idk...seriously i bet no more than 200 and i think that would be the better option even though a lot more than a tube of silicone it would look hella better but heres some history on my cars interior...The orginal cars owner (great family friend and mechanic) owend the car since he bought it from the dealer. he keep it in great shape and then later bought a datsun truck and that too he loved. he ended up using the truck more than the 710 but one day the 710 was stolen for a joy ride. the owner found the car in mexico and drove it back home. then it happened again and he found it in mexico in the same spot. so while in mexico he decided to spend a few bucks and a couple of hours where they redid the entire interior except the dash...and well its been like that ever since. this was like 14years ago. and to this day the interior looks as if its been there only about a year. everyone loves it and so do i except for the dash which i think ima get it redone but to match the interior instead of the original color and material.

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