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WTB L20 breather tube

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Hey Ratsuners

1977 200SX L20b with dual SUs and SSS steel exhaust manifold

I'm looking for a crankcase breather tube for a L20b ASAP!

The one I have wobbles and falls out while driving, filling the air with stinky blowby smoke!

This is the 6-8" metal tube with the 90* bend in it right at the block, the goes under the carbs, between exhaust runners, connects to the PCV valve on the intake manifold.

None of the junkyards in my area have anything older than mid-'80s Nissans. Stinkin' domestic country here.

Shipping to 30828

Thanks for helping!


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The L20B block vent goes towards the back of the motor and bends around the exhaust manifold. Yours must be cut at the bend and turned so it comes out through the exhaust




The L16/18 comes straight out and will fit between the exhaust pipes







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