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  1. screamer510

    Share your vintage audio equipment!!!!

    I'm selling a vintage DUAL 1019 turntable. Fully functional, clean, but needs lubricating. $125 Also a Kenwood KR5200 stereo receiver. Fully functional and in great shape. $75 These were purchased new in 1972 by my father. Don't know if this is the right place
  2. screamer510

    FS: 510 Rims $500

  3. screamer510

    FS: 510 Rims $500

    PMs replied
  4. screamer510

    FS: 510 Rims $500

    XXR 522 Chromium black 15x7" +25 universal 4-lug lug nuts included Falken Ziex 512 195/50/15 Less than 1,000 miles Condition: 9/10 Near Augusta Georgia. Willing to ship at your expense. dandavisibo@gmail.com
  5. screamer510

    Eastern Georgia Meet 2-2-2013 High Noon

    I have a L16
  6. screamer510

    Eastern Georgia Meet 2-2-2013 High Noon

    Just got the 510 started. Gotta get some pallets first for some more chickens.
  7. screamer510

    Eastern Georgia Meet 2-2-2013 High Noon

    NAPA got destroyed in a tornado a few years ago.
  8. screamer510

    Eastern Georgia Meet 2-2-2013 High Noon

    Meet at Wrens Middle School. Centrally located and has a playground. Noon. FYI Wrens has 3 actual stoplights. My town just north has only a stop sign, and another close only has 1 redlight. Don't hate!
  9. screamer510

    pic of your dime

    The Titan wheel is on the 521...oictical illusion
  10. screamer510

    1972 2 door 510 powder primed

    Must do this research on the web or in books... Google.com
  11. screamer510

    Cheap paint options

    Just wanting to know how to keep pressure from falling or air from running out with that little compressor . Ive got the basics but always thought I needed much more CFM and reserve air volume.
  12. screamer510

    Cheap paint options

    More details on equipment setup to use a tiny 2-3 gallon compressor to paint a car please. Black Z and blue yellow and black trucks. Please?
  13. screamer510

    25 year old body work

    Ended up getting some epoxy primer from Summit for a Christmas present from my parents. Still flip-flopping over paint color and still need to get a quote for a sprayble gallon of ProSpray base. Found some sort of repair over the rear fender lip, maybe fiberglass resin with plastic filler over top? Its weird.
  14. screamer510

    25 year old body work

    Yeah Ive got the 3M one for a drill. Spoke with Barry at SPI and came up with a good plan. Sand to primer with 180 grit except in areas that need metal repair. Prime with epoxy, filler, 2k primer, sand, primer, sand, ProSpray base coat and SPI Universal clear. I like this rather than stripping to bare metal since most of the paint is solid. Best customer service Ive ever seen, and he likes Datsuns too! Gonna use the 3M disc on the filler and rust, then an orbital sander with 180 discs to hit the rest of the car.
  15. screamer510

    Resuced 4 Door

    Why no paint on window frames? Gonna black them out?

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