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a12s can die


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Well for those of you that have given your 2 cents...thanks but it was to no avail .. I took the head off yesturday and the engine is toast. I will post pics when I get a chance but the # 2 and 3 pistons well lets just say the are missing parts and the compression ring is visable and all the cylinders are scored. Now for the interesting part. All the head bolts were only had about 5 lbs of torque so basically hand tight. I just don't know how this engine could have ever ran...and the kicker is I saw it run before it was over heated last year...SO I am in need of in put I am still considering an a series build for ease of install but if any of you have another option that is not going to be a total overhaul of the chassis or my wallet I am game. I have a line on a gx head for 50 and a few other racing parts for cheap and a line on a 210 engine that is in good shape.


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The A12 can die if abused. Severe overheating is one way to do it. If an aluminum head is severely overheated, the metal softens and so the head bolts can get loose.



I wouldn't rebuild an engine. Just buy a good used oval-port A14 or A15 and it will be more power than a GX engine. The hi-po ones are 1976-1980 non-5-speed engines.


Or better yet swap in a used L20B, that's even more power still. It can be done with factory parts, only the engine brackets need to be modified. You don't have to cut the crossmember or body. Use a short L-series tranmission so the shifter aligns and a stock driveshaft will fit.

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Catastrophic failure like that doesn't just happen. It was giving clues but no one was paying attention. I agree with ggzilla (how many times have I said that :D ?). Replace rather than rebuild. There are few engines as reliable or durable as a properly maintained stock A-series. They aren't that hard to find or very expensive. Good luck and keep us posted.

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