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KA24DE S13 vs S14 IACV


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So, I'm running an S13 KA24DE. But, the connector was broken off of the IACV, rendering it unusable without replacing the plug/IACV as a whole.

I had a spare IACV off a spare intake manifold, so I swapped the IACV off the spare, and it ended up being an S14. So I swapped it on the engine and it mounted up fine. But, in doing this I had to change the wiring harness that goes between the main harness and the IACV, etc.


The original (S13) IACV had a light blue connector, and the new (S14) IACV has a purple connector. The S14 harness was only different on the IACV side, and plugged into the main harness just fine. Everything is connected fine and such, but is there any difference between the two that are going to cause me any problems? The engine is not yet running so I've no way to test it out the hard way, but I'd like to rule this out as a potential problem before I get to that point.


I read the FSM available from Nicoclub/240sx.org and such, and it shows nothing. Even the exploded view is hard to read. I couldn't find a definitive answer.


Physically, they looked identical, the only difference being that the plugs were different, and used a different harness.

So what are the differences between the two? Why would they just change a plug configuration if it's the same IACV? I read that apparently there could have been a revision in design, but nothing definitive.



Thanks in advance. :)

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I would like to talk to you about your swap. I can read all the swap info.... but I would like to talk about it with you. I am in WI. I have tke only 510 and 610 that I can know of. Please pm your ## so I can call. or call me at 715-667-3024 5:00-11:00 pm WI. time All the 240's that I have worked on @ 7 of them all have dif. colored wires in dif years...??? can be a pain. Lee

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IACV for S13 & S14 are the same, but IACV for SOHC differs from DOHC



S13 240SX: 22660-53F00

S14 240SX: with KA24E 22660-40F60; with KA24DE 22660-53F00



Physically, they looked identical, the only difference being that the plugs were different

So the IACVs don't look identical because the plug-ends are different -- is that what you see?

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One was male and light blue, the other was female and purple. (Maybe backwards on that, but you get my drift.)


IT has it's own harness for the IACV/AAC, that plugs into the main engine harness. Both harnesses plugged in fine. Wire colors were the same. Just the different color connectors/plugs.


So if it's the same IACV, then I shouldn't have a problem. Good news to my ears!


@ Lee - send me a PM if you'd like!

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It is not the same IACV.


Still if they are electrically compatible it shouldn't hurt. They may be calibrated differently. The KA24DE uses the newer EFI style connectors, while the KA24E uses the early EFI connectors, looks the same as the 1975 280Z, etc. Hopefully that is the only difference. Well that and they point a different direction. Not the same at all.

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Do you absolutely need the IACV? AFAIK KAs run just fine with them disconnected and plugged up... they're really just for cold starts. I got fed up with mine staying at 2k rpms when I let off the throttle and slowly revving down, I just unplugged it. Had no issues starting up when cold even in 40-50 degree weather.

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That's right -- you don't really need one. But it is for more than just cold starts. It also adjusts the idle for A/C and for other variations, tt keeps the idle steady.


A/C as in air conditioning? Don't think 510 guys have to worry about that tongue.gif I've been driving 2 weeks or so with the IACV just unplugged... so far I haven't noticed anything bad. Steady idle although it was a little high, just never got around to adjusting it. Just one less thing to fiddle with/worry about.

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Well, I would like to just keep it intact if I can.


Hell your cold 40-50 degree weather is higher than our highs! It was 25 degrees this morning!


If it becomes a problem I'll just unplug it to see if it makes a difference, but I'll likely end up replacing it if it ends up being bad. I cleaned it out as best I could with some throttle body cleaner, got lots of black yuckies out of it.


Thanks for the input, everybody. Greatly appreciated. :)

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