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410 rear wheel bearings


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Hi Guys,


Does anybody have part numbers for a 410 rear wheel bearing kit, or know anything that crosses over? I know there are a lot of kits for H165B vehicles, but not sure if these are the same as for the H165 in the 410.


I am about to cut off the old bearings to fit rear discs and want to make sure I can replace all the parts first.

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For the most part, all bearings are available if you know the specifications.


43215-08000 BEARING-rear axle



But why cut them off to fit rear disc brakes? Why not just create an adapter plate?


Yeah, the '81-'81 200sx (S110) was H-165 and fitted with rear disc. You could cut in such a way that it will slip on from the side behind the bearing or just make something yourself.


Here's a 200sx rear caliper mount. You could just cut a large enough notch between two mounting holes and slide out sideways.






Slip it on your axle using slightly longer bolts.



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I was going to remove the bearings so I could remove the drum backing plate without destroying it, and add a new backing plate for the discs. I only want to irreversibly damage replaceable parts, hence why I don't want to cut the drum backing plate off.


Thanks for the part number. I'd managed to track down the bearing, but was more concerned about getting the collar and seals as well. I'm not sure if the 410/411 collars are interchangeable with anything newer, and when you ask more parts shops if the can do the parts for a 410/411 datsun rear axle they don't want to know.


Do any of you know if all the parts (bearing, collar, seals) are readily available?

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