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82 720 4x4 help in Tucson


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So I've recently decided to get my 82 720 4x4 back on the road. It has been sitting for a couple of years and needs some TLC. I believe it just needs a new head gasket and battery. I also have a laundry list of other things I would like to do to it down the road but for now just want to get it running. This is a one owner truck, my dad bought it new off the lot in 82, he's moved out of state and left it for me and it's been sitting for a while. Interior is pretty good shape. The truck was involved in a front end collision back in 06, ruined the car it hit, but I was able to drive away from the incident after cutting the fan shroud. The truck ran for a while after the accident until it died, dad said it was a blown head gasket, but I'm not as mechanically inclined as he is.


I understand that the head gasket should be a cheap and relatively easy fix, but I don't have much for tools and I live in apartment complex and they frown upon such projects in the parking lot. The truck was just recently towed to my complex after it sat at a family members house for a couple years before they had to move.


I'm looking for some help, whether private party, or recommendations on a good shop that has experience working on these trucks. I'd ideally like to either completely rebuild the motor, or swap it for something reliable, reinstall A/C, and rebuild or modify front suspension. Body work and paint later on down the line.


I'd like to use the truck as a daily driver and also be able to take it off-roading, which is why I'd like the suspension rebuilt. I think it was a bit tweaked in the front end collision and would also like to give it more of a lift. I've found the control arm kit on 4x4parts.com after searching through here for a bit, but again, I don't have anywhere to do the work which is the main reason for the posting. I'd love to find someone who does this sort of work on the weekends, I don't mind working along side you and lending a hand, getting my hands dirty, and learning a few things. Willing to compensate as long as the price is reasonable. Don't need the work done RIGHT AWAY, but the sooner the better.


Any help, thoughts, ideas, etc, are greatly welcomed and if you live in the Tucson area and would like to come by, take a look, and provide an estimate, let me know. I'll try and get pictures of the truck on here as well. The body is mostly straight except for the very front of the hood, front grill is cracked, and the passenger side fender is tweaked, I have a new aftermarker fender somewhere for it as well, just not installed or painted. It also has custom made bumpers, front and rear, the front with a large push bar which I'd like to also eventually modify.

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So I finally got a chance to take some pictures. Sorry if the quality is not all that great, I took the pictures with my phone. I have two sets of wheels for the truck. Both are complete but currently the passenger side front is mismatched due to using it as a spare. The other three of this type are in the bed and so is the other one. I believe the 3 out of the 4 are stock wheels from a Toyota Tacoma or 4runner, not 100% sure.


The hood is a little bent up front and so is the passenger side fender.


You probably can't see from these pictures, but both key cylinders (if that's the correct term) in the door are screwed up and sort of dented in because a past break in where some @** #$%^ took a screwdriver to it before finally prying the side cab window open and unlocking the door to steal my stereo and personal belongings.


Anyways, Here's some pics.




Front with stinger bar.














Rear bumper, made YEARS ago, a little rough, but it doubles as an air tank. Just connect air hose and fill up your tires as necessary!




Interior with custom screwdriver lever... from the front end collision I was in, I hit the original lever and broke it off.











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Awesome! Thanks for the heads up! I'll definitely check both out! Thank goodness for another Tucsonan!


Does the local Datsun club/Group have their own site or have meets or anything like that? I wouldn't mind hanging out with some other Datsun owners once I get the truck back on the road.


http://arizonadatsunownersgroup.webs.com/ idk about any new events yet cuz my zcar has been down for a while but check it out. come out some day ill have my 720 out there soon too. im on the east side btw

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