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A general guide to calculating ring end gap. For example a KA24DE would be 89MM X .0394 = 3.5 inches (bore) x .0045= 0.015" top ring for High Pref. Street Strip


High-Performance Street / Strip

top ring bore X .0045”

second ring bore X .0055”


Street-Moderate Turbo / Nitrous

top ring bore X .0050”

second ring bore X .0055”


Late Model Stock

top ring bore X .0050”

second ring bore X .0055”


Circle Track/Drag Race

top ring bore X .0055”

second ring bore X .0060”


Blown Race Only

top ring bore X .0065”

second ring bore X .0070”


Nitrous Race Only

top ring bore X .0070”

second ring bore X .0075”



If you mean the ring side clearance in the piston then it's


Top ring 0.0016 to 0.0031"

Second ring 0.0012 to 0.0028"



for a 92 240sx ka24de. the ring gap is


top ring .0017

second ring .0019


just clarifying befors i assemble bottom end


So yeah that is within limits.



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wait. wat do you mean with piston? im talking about just putting the rings in the bore with out the piston and measuring the gap.


That's called ring end gap. The top of my post shows how to calculate it based on how hot the rings are going to run. Obviously full nitrous will get hotter that street and strip and will need to be gaped wider to allow for heat expansion.


Ring side clearance is the space between the top (or bottom) of the ring in the ring land in the piston.



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