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L20 breather tube


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Hey guys,

I've checked this out in a service manual and looked at lots of L20 threads.

'77 200SX L20b. Worked over, dual SUs on a British intake.

I've been having some oil coating on under parts of the car. I've traced the PCV valve line, just tinkering, then I noticed that the crankcase vent tube that enters the block, connected to the PCV tube, was very wobbly. Almost to the point were it would fall out.

How are the tubes that enter the block kept in there (like this or the dipstick tube, etc)? Is it just a tight fit, or is there sealant? I think this could be a start to figuring out a problem here...



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Yeah just press in.


Don't think it's a British intake although there were SSS 810s and 610s with dual Hitachi SUs available over there.


Other places to look are the front crank seal in the timing cover. Blown onto the front of the oil pan and the alternator.

The hinge pin on the mechanical fuel pump: though this usually coats the right side of the block.

Oil pan and rear crank seal, though the rear seal leaks back by the tranny.

Oil pressure sender, leaks down the right center to the starter.

Valve cover. Anywhere but can run down the back of the block (out of sight) onto tranny and back.

Valve cover breather if one of those blue filters are used.

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