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Golden Gardens or Bust

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so after getting my buddies KC running and almost done last night so we could take it to GG i had an realization of sorts...


1. due to my grandfathers death and the trip i am taking for the memorial in june my truck is not getting bagged anytime soon..


2. Drop Zone is cancelled and that was when i wanted it bagged by and i have the before mentioned trip to cali in june.


3. i am tired of seeing my baby sit..


so the conclusion is i am tearing into it the next two days to get it together for GG.. i need to swap my manifolds, retune the empi, oil change, bolt down new bed, run new fuel lines, finish body panel swap, and rehook up my stereo.. If everything goes good since my tires are shot i might be able to get my club prez's infinity's to roll (he owes me) so it is GG or bust..

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I want a kc so bad, lol. Nice truck, I hope to see it at gg!! Unfortunately, I put all my time and energy into my 240 for the trip to gg, and hit a brick wall with that project, so now I have two unfinished projects that wont make it :P. Going to be there in my gf's auto 240 :(. Anyway, sweet truck!! Maybe I'll trade my 521 for a kc one of these days (I'm going to get some hatemail for that one)

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well if you haven't already guessed it was a bust so know it's POTD or bust i get my L16 intake manifold back from my brother inlaw today all bead blasted and pretty.. then i gotta put my exhaust mani on and run some exhaust and i should be good to go...

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