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dual caliper brackets for 510


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I've looked around and couldn't find anything. Does anyone make any brackets for a 510 (coupe) that allow you to use 2 calipers per side in the rear so I can build a dedicated hydraulic handbrake setup? Or should I buy another set of 200sx brackets and hack em up and weld them to the side of my original (200sx adapter) brackets? Anyone running a dual caliper setup on their datsun?

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What are you trying to do? Are you looking to create a parking brake system or a hand actuated rear brake system like is used in rally or drift?


In the later case you could tee into the brake line going from the master to rear brakes with your hydraulic hand brake. You'll need to place a check valve between the tee and the master cylinder to keep from back feeding the master reservoir when you actuate the hand brake lever.


If have to have an independent parking brake system you might want to look into a Wilwood parking brake caliper system. They are cable operated

Link: Wilwood Parking Brake Spot Calipers


And regarding dual caliper brackets, never seen them for a 510 and it will likely be something you’d need to fabricate.

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Yea I'm looking for a hand actuated handbrake for drifting. I built a hydraulic handbrake the other day and installed inline to my rear brakes but couldn't get it to bleed properly so I had to ditch the setup and need to go for an independant system

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I also want to do this as well. Keep us updated if you find/make brakets that work. Seems pretty straight forward... I was gonna go with a k sport hydraulic brake setup but would rather have a separate caliper for e brake.

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Wouldn't going with the K-Sport system be easier/lighter/better?



Why would you rather have a second caliper for the e-brake?


The MC in the k-sport thing looks a lot like a Wilwood Compact Master Cylinder, but a Tilton 76 series may also work:



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I doubt that's correct. While it is true that if you left foot braked while using the handbrake (K sport system), you would not have any additional pressure going to the rear brakes, you would still be sending pressure to the front brakes (which is where most of the braking actually happens). With two calipers on the rear rotors you would basically just be able to lock the rear wheels up more, because the point of the handbrake (I thought) was to be able to lock the rear brakes to get the car to rotate.


As far as a method for bleeding the system, you could try getting an external reservoir for the handbrake an bleeding the rear brakes with the handbrake. This would give sufficient fluid to the MC to be able to bleed it. After the rears were bled up this way, remove the reservoir, and connect the line from the foot brake master cylinder. I'm not saying this would work, but it seems like it might help.

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Im running 300zx rears with custom made bracket plates and a k-sport hand brake and is a dream and I have a brake adjuster on the rear line befor the handbrake! If u are looking to do this swap, just massage me and I'll tell u how to do it or I'll make brackets for u or u can buy from a friend! This is the swap u want if u are drifting your 510 it's easy and super relieable!!! Will put u out $250-500 that is if u do used parts or new or no people. Just contact me by massage and we can chat!

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