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ok so i went to change the oil pump not know it is connect to the dizzy??? went to start car and it cranks but wont trun on???? i'm not that good with cars!!!!! i'm just a take off and put on kind of guy. so i think the timing is off??? can anybody help???

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ok that video is great but my motor is in the car... and i'm not that sure if i lost my timing? when i took out the oil pump that rod fell out? i put it back but i was truning the rod so that it fits. will that cause my timing to change?

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I have done it lots of times with the engine inside.......I dont know where is the problem to do that while in........get some dirt and oil!


The rod will always turn no matter what, but is it synced? probably not because you could put it anyhow with the amount of teeth on the gear.

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Yes it will. It is a simple enough procedure.


Take your distributor off, 2 bolts no seals... well none that I have seen and I have seen no leaks...


Get your motor to TDC. Pull the Oil pump back out. Put it back in like the video. Practice a few times to get the 11.28 position. Once you have it bolt the oil pump back on. Then put the dizzy on, you will need to rotate the rotor til the dizzy seats properly.


If you car wasnt timed right before, you may need to adjust the position of your plug wires. The rotor is going to point at plug 1, So when the cap goes back on find which plug lead is 1. Counter clockwise from 1 is 1,3,4,2. Now my Friend put his on at TDC exhaust stroke, this resulted in needind to flip the wires on the cap....


You wont know whether you have TDC compression or exhuast stroke unless you remove your valve cover. Dont bother, and just turn the motor to a TDC. If you do everything else right and it still wont run, you simply switch the wires. (4 becomes 1 and vice versa, and 2 becomes 3 and vice versa.

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