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Datsun 510 SR20DET idea!


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So hear me out before you tell me I suck and am silly. I have a completely rebuilt s13 sr20det engine ready to pop in my '68 4 door 510.


I was researching the CAN/AM and how to wire the engine up. Realized I won't need the power steering pump or the A/C compressor. Then the ideas started flowing.


Let's say I keep the A/C compressor and wire it up to the JDM electronic s13 A/C control unit? I ditch the 510 heater core and the control unit. Then I do the real hard work and find a way to retrofit the USDM heater core and vent control to the 510 in a functional yet aesthetic fashion.


Then I pop in to the dash below whatever head unit I go with and pow!! Modern luxury!!


Hit me with criticism folks!

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its a good idea ...


however why not go with something a bit more classic looking in the car for the aircon controls such as the classic auto air style unit




thats for a pontiac but still its a good thought to maybe integrate it instead of putting a s13 cluster in.


throwing it out there!

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A classic unit would definitely be more era specific I must admit, but if I were going to do that I would prefer to fab something that mirrores the heater controls in the dash. You know, build what they would have built back then of the A/C was an option...


The 510 under dash unit is an option, but I am still in need of checking in to the wiring too. Anyone know if the CAN/AM unit that is sold by icehouse can handle the SR's A/C compressor? I figure since I have to run the SR ECU, the modern amenities that the s13 offers are a natural progression.

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