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Buy KA with blown head a good idea?


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This guy is offering me a KA24E with a blown head for $100.

what should I do to make sure the engine is usable?


I have heard that KA24E heads are pretty cheap, and people have them lying around,

but I want to be sure I dont have a crap engine with loads of miles.


what should I look for as a sign of an old, dead engine?



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There's a chance he doesn't know what is wrong with it and it could be just a head gasket. The most common thing with the KA is the timing chain. Single chain and plastic slack and tension side guides. There isn't a KA running around that doesn't have chunks of the old guide in the oil pan. Of course he could have totally blown it up too. Need more info...


So does it run?

If not, can you turn it over: is it seized?

Is there coolant in the oil?

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thats what I needed, questions.

I will ask him that stuff.

Its possible it just needs a new gasket, because he didnt seem to understand when I asked him if it was the gasket or the head.

I will update with more info when he gets back to me.

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Well worst case the EFI stuff and the head is worth $100 if the crank has thrown a rod.


Well you don't have to tell him what's wrong with it if you do find out.


If the motor is out everything is suspect as you can't crank it over or maybe start it to listen to it. If running you can probably diagnose the problem or at least narrow it down.

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yeah the motor is out, and in a room in his house it sounds like, which would hint that it failed significantly enough for him to replace it or sell the car.

Im waiting on him telling me exactly what happened to it.



it isnt siezed though, which means I can try and turn it over.

it still holds oil as well apparently.

I will update in a min with more info.

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