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So I think I've finally figured out what my engine is made up of. Troy Ermish looked it over and we both think the bottom end is a NAPS-Z block, with KA pistons and an L16 head bored to about 2.3. Pretty sure it's on a stock cam too, but due to the L16 head making it be super high compression it idles like it's cammed. I also have a Weber 32/36 carb on it, which I know is choking it at high RPM. Currently the thing is a torque monster but really loses it at high RPM (partially due to the carb). I'm going to be pulling the engine sometime in the future because there's some oil leakage on many of the seals around the block and I want to paint my engine bay. I figured while its out I should build this engine to get more power and top end out of it. I was thinking an L20b head with oversized valves and dual carbs (not sure on which type yet). Do you think this setup would work or have any recommendations about what to do or not to do? Thanks!

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I agree with flatcat19, we want oics. Depending on the head casting, I would modify the head if it is a W53, or a A87 closed chamber L head, I would scrap it if a 210. I have a W53 head ported to match my dual SU type manifold, and I had 280Z valves installed in the head, I do allright on the hiway, but after about 4500rpms, it is time to shift if you have any gears left. I can move a lot of weight though, a LOT of weight. I also have a LZ23 block, it's a Z22 block bored to fit Z24 pistons. 219 & V912 heads are hard to come by, I have found that it is cheaper to buy a W53 head, and have it ported, and big valves installed, than it is to find a 219 head and have it rebuilt. I need torque for what I use my truck for, but if you drive it like a car, you can get a cam that will help boost/raise the rpm envolope/powerband to a higher rpm, keeping in mind that when you do this, you rob power from the lower rpms, to give it to the higher rpms, more power above 4000 rpms, less torque starting out.

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