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weber install

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well guys i didn't really want to ask, but i just don't want to screw my new weber up. i bought the truck with no carb on it and i have never had a carb car before. i bought this of a guy how had it on a 610 for just a little while. so i doubt it's jetted, or tuned properlly but i was just trying to install it and see what happens.well i got it bolted on and the trottle cable installed. PO marked 3 wires #1 #2 #3. i don't know where these go, plus the fuel line seems to be on the wrong side. is it alright just to switch that with the plugged side? i know it seems goofy but i never have been a very good mechanic, my knuckes are still bleeding from last weeks tranny install!


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I would run some fuel hose over to the left side fuel inlet. You might be able to move the fuel fitting to the other side, but some Webers are blocked on that side. It will probably be much easier to get a length of hose and loop it around to the fitting.


You don't need to hook up the wires to start the engine.


Only the Choke wire will be required. The other two are probably for things the Weber does not have: anti-dieseling valve (fuel cut-off solenoid) and emission control switch.


Choke wire will be needed about one minute after starting the engine. On my Datsun car, the wiring harness choke wire is red. But may be different for your Datsun pickup. What year is your 620, and is it auto or manual?

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the three wires are for the stock carb you will only need one turn your ignition on see which one has power connect that power wire to the webber choke as for the fuel line its alright to switch that with the plugged side. get it started adjust your fuel and air mixture to how you like it you should be good to go

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Datsun auto choke is connected to a relay, and won't show voltage with Key On, Engine not running.


Either go by color, or see which wire is 12V while engine is running (alternator working), yet is 0 volts with Key On, Engine Off.


my mistake its been awhile sinse i have installed a webber thanks for the correction

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Don't mess with the Choke. After, you get it running, let it fully warm up, then adjust idle speed and idle mixture. At the library, check out the Weber book, it shows pics and explains how.


Connect a vacuum hose from the distributor to the side of the Weber.

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