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None of that is in here. Instead, oics that make me want to start tearing into my Z for the VH45DE swap.


Post: http://www.zparts.com/showcase/engines/pages/q45v8z-testfit.html























A little notching of frame rails to clear the headers and some custom mounts pretty much lets the VH45DE drop right in.





Damn that's a pretty engine!


So who wants to help?

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I was thinking it was gonna be another chopped/bagged 620 thread... :lol:


biggrin.gif No, I think Skib and Mike are just going to start executing people who keep posting that picture again. :)


I wanted to share my inspiration with everyone instead. cool.gif

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Pretty neat. I haven't seen anyone go this route with a an older Z yet.


The engine is a thing of beauty.




- Forged steel crankshaft.

- Forged steel connecting rods.

- 6 Bolt main bearing caps with studs.

- Full-length main bearing girdle.

- Lightweight, floating pistons with molybdenum coating.

- Sodium-filled exhaust valves.

- Cross-flow cooling system.

- Hydraulic lash adjusters.

- Single-row silent timing chain.

- Coil-on-plug ignition system.

- Lifter buckets ride directly on cams to reduce friction.

I was wanting to put in a Chevy LS# motor, but those are upwards of 4K for just the motor unless you're lucky enough to find a killer deal.

More over, this way the whole thing stays Datsun/Nissan/Infiniti. I'm also going to try and adapt the 5-lug, all disc ABS brake system from the Q45 into the 280Z.

Now I just need to find some more work hours to help fund this project.

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