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I need a Pro


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I live in Medford Oregon and I need a real serious Pro Datsun mechanic. I just traded my chevy truck for a 1979 280zx that has needs . I think the efi is shit maybe a few other problems before i can make it my wifes, DD! Plus i think maybe i would benifit from a few questions in person about my B210 or maybe a professional tune-up, does any body out there in ratsun land know a good old school datsun man in southern oregon!

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Well, I'm in Grants Pass, but I'm more of an L-motor guy.

I can certainly help you out if need-be, but I am no professional mechanic...


Shoot me a PM if you would like. :)

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I don't know any good shops in that area, try asking around if friends have any recommendations...then, after getting a few places, find out what their labor rates are, what kind of diagnostic equipment they have for old fuel injection systems(a good labscope is a must so they can watch the injector wave patterns, spark patterns, and read the air/fuel mixture on the fly) and what kind of experience their technicians have.


The problem with early EFI cars is that most of the new kids(like myself) have not worked on many pre 90's fuel injection systems, and many of the older "parts replacers" that have been wrenching for 30+ years do not know how to diagnose drive-ability problems on a fuel injected vehicle. That doesn't mean someone can't find the problem with your car even if they have never worked on a 79 Z, it just means it may take longer and they may not fix all the problems the first time in, especially if there are multiple issues causing a rough idle,ect.


Just be careful with the choice of shops, let the shop know you want the full information on what is wrong with it and an estimate BEFORE they replace any parts, and ask how they determined what the problem was.

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