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Could someone do some measuring for me?


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In theory, I'm getting a "free" 2 door 510 shell. It's a total rust bucket, so I figured rather than see it crushed, if I can't make it presentable for the street, I'll make a race car out of it. Currently no engine or transmission, and I'm not sticking anything that I can just buy mounts off the shelf in it. I don't have the car here, or access to it yet, but I'd like to start designing the motor mounts now so I can take the majority of the guess work out of the equasion before the car gets here... I drew up a ghetto stick drawing showing the measurements I need, there's about 5 that I need...




I forgot to mark the one from the core support to the fire wall on the top view also... If someone could help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it!

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If it were me I would wait. Measure the car your getting cause it may have been tweeked in its lifetime or someone may give you measurements from there tweeked car even if they dont know it is. My thoughts of course


meaning, you're too lazy to go measure :D


the only way to get accurate measurements is with an EMPTY engine bay. Sorry I can't help. Might just have to wait

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