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What is a MT-20 engine?


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I have a friend here in town who has either a '79 or 80 Datsun/Nissan truck and he is looking for a valve cover. I know this sounds like a stupid question but I don't know what engine it is. I thought these type engines (with 8 plugs) were either z22 or z24 but the tag on the fender well says MT-20 engine size?:confused::blink:

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All the 620 trucks were L series motors from the factory (some early ones had the J motor I think) untill the end of '79. The first year 720 (1980) was also the last year that the L20B was used. The following year the Z22 was used followed by the Z24 in '84. There was also a MPG optional Z20 engine starting in '84 as well.


If it has the 8 plugs, look on the block on the driver's side just below the #2 plug. The engine size is stamped on the block just below the head. It's possible this is a newer truck or the motor and trans has been swapped into a 620.

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Thanks Datzunmike. I'm pretty sure this is a 720 and probably an '81 model but it does have Datsun and Nissan emblems. I guess it is the z22 engine but I was wondering what the MT-20 refers to if anyone is familiar with that engine code? I'll check on the block where you said to look when I get back over to his house. Where is the best place to look for him a valve cover? Thanks, Dan

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