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Phil's 620 Daily Driver Project

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picked this up a month or so ago, slowly bringing it up to shape and fixing the PO's mistakes.


its a 72 620 with a weber 32/36 and a L20b. 4-speed manual. no radio. half-done flat black paint. suuuuper dark tint.



when i picked it up:




a week or so later, more black:



today, all black!



so far i have: plugged in the speedo, replaced all the dash bulbs to gain interior lights, installed working door locks, installed a tach, installed throttle return spring, fixed the vacuum leaks on the carb, tuned the carb, recentered the drop blocks, installed new flowmaster exhaust (50 series with 2.25" tube), removed overspray from lights so they light up, and adjusted the brakes.


i picked up a set of 17x7.5 black steelies from an escalade that will go on soon. also scored a 280z master cylinder at the jy, and a set of 300sz front calipers so i will be doing the bebani disc brake conversion as well. other than that, a stereo, lighter tint, and a bit of bodywork and it will be a fun little driver.

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looks totally awesome.. only thing i disagree is the side mirror's but to his / her own... keep up the good work


yea, those were the only mirrors it came with, so that is what it has now. eventually it will get door mirrors

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