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WTB 510 Radiator for Auto trans - So Cal only

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I have a 72 510 and need a radiator with auto trans hookups. anyone have one or can point me in the direction for an aftermarket replacement. I've done a few searches and only come up with radiators for manual cars. I'm in the Torrance/Redondo Beach area.






text or call: three one zero 265.3042

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Every time I bought a new one for a manual car, it had the AT line fittings in

the bottom tank regardless of stickshift app. The aftermarket seemed to make

them with AT fittings regardless. I've got three used ones that all have fittings

though they came from stick shift cars.


If you're inclined to buy new, ask the auto parts store about this. I'm guessing

you can still order new ones.

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Just make sure you have it cleaned really well. You don't want to hook up your clean and working tranny to an unknown radiator. It may have been on a car that lost the tranny before it was yarded out. You may want to just get an aftermarket cooler and mount that.

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