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73 620 Fusible link plugs

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I have the new link. There's no place to plug it in. P.O. did some 'rewiring'. That's probably what that piece of household lamp cord was for.The inline fuse sounds OK,but if it's too big,you'll fry the fuse box.


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Hey pharough that piece is part of the battery cable. The fusible link (or aftermarket fuse) needs to be as close to the battery as feasible so that it protects the rest of the wiring.


What you can do is use standard spade terminals and regular wire (10 gauge?) to make a new piece.


white wire is part of the positive battery cable


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Thanks Ggzilla.

I think I've got it taken care of.

I ordered some connectors from www.vintageconnections.com that should work. They lock,and come in a set. I'll just use the wire from the fusible ling. Battery cables from rockauto don't have those plugs on them.Here's what I got from rockauto,and heres the wire. Don't think they'll work.


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