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620 king pins

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The 620 was the last Datsun pickup to use King Pins. '77 was the last year, the front suspension was drastically changed for the '78 model year. The older Datsun pickups used them, but I'm not certain they were the same and in any case they're even harder to find. They crop up on eBay once in a blue moon. The other thing is they aren't a bolt-in deal. I don't recall exactly what it takes but there are steps in the manual of needing a press and a ream. I see in searching that some folks had better luck than others. I've never changed them, and I KNOW the ones in my '68 are shot to hell. I just load them with grease.


Most of the time it's the upper control arm bushings that are worn out and cause most of the slop. They're rubber and get mashed to one side. Those ARE still available, both from NAPA and Nissan. The KPs might be worn out too, but not as much.


You are going to just have to have patience. Or pay the big bucks to have a machine shop make them if you aren't patient enough to wait.

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40022 B5025 is the Nissan kit to repair the king pin. For $100 you get the pin, two bushings, cotter pin and bolt, upper and lower plug seal, thrust bearing, shim pack, grease nipples, grease seal. Not sure if that's for both or not. May not be available now.

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