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Need 521 Fulcrum Bolt!

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I really need part 54521-04300. It is the Upper Link Fulcrum Bolt. I am in the middle of doing MKlotz's brake upgrade. I am also redoing many of the bushings. When I was try to pull the bolt out, it wouldn't budge. The nut comes off just fine. Beat the crap out of the bolt with a hammer. It looks like the little metal part of the bushing seized to the bolt. There is some weird wear on it. I am guessing I am going to have to cut it.


Unfortunately I think this part is NLA. I just tried to reorder it, but I think I already tried. I am in a bit of a pinch here as I am trying to get this thing going by Canby.


Thanks for reading.

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Well if you can't find a Nissan dealer willing to order this part, you can get one from About Time Spares -- have them mail it to you. They are normally super-expensive, but not on this part.


I actually came across that website last night but wasn't really sure about buying stuff there. Have you bought anything from them before?

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