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620 nos fenders (wanted)

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Datsun/Nissan 'New Old Stock' would be a set of fenders at a Nissan Dealer (extremely unlikely) or at the most a set bought 'back in the day' and never used and kept in someone's garage or attic. (fairly unlikely) NOS (preferably) would be in their original Nissan container, box or wrapping with appropriate parts numbers. Many things like fenders are mass produced in places like Taiwan or China so don't be fooled into thinking they are 'NOS'. These items are not of the same quality and materials as the original. Knock offs or just good quality salvaged fenders are not 'NOS' so do not pay those prices. I would say that a good salvaged fender is closer to NOS than one stamped in Taiwan. At least it was made for Nissan.


Too many people are selling 'NOS' items on the internet and elsewhere that are just cheap knockoffs. Too, too many people are buying this, in some cases, junk, and don't know any better that they are being ripped off.

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I have one NEW drivers side 620 fender .Not positive if its Nissan or Reproduction It Has Nissan part # on it in Sharpie its new and its $50 + shipping from New Jersey 07055 Local pickup welcome if you are close .

Pictures of it are listed in the For sale parts section .It was listed on April 17 .

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