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My 72 hot mess

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Not exactly a new car but new to me. :D I ended up trading my 1992 SE-R for this loud, obnoxious , menacing piece of nissan love and history.


Just picked this up Sunday(4/24/11) so I'm in the process of learning. I do believe I am going to end up pulling the motor and trans in a month for a KA swap. Well here she is...


As far as I know this is what the 510 has:


280SX 5sp Trans

Weber Carb

280sx Gear Reduction Starter

1969 Front Grill

1969 Apron(I think)

Nismo(what i was told) Header

Welded Diff

Relocated Alternator

European Tail Lights

Prelude Seats

Mallory Electric Ignition




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Not bad for basically free right?


The l20 is purtty and sounds awesome but I need something with a little more turbo. :P


Yeah I'm not sure what's going on with the front bumper, I was going to take it off today to test some paint options. It probably got a smack in the mouth back in it's hay day.

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Started taking apart to throw some paint down.



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As of now I'm just doing a satin green because I'm not to fond of the sparkly black that is on it now. Maybe later on I'll have the money to actually have the dents and what not taking care of.



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I have the whole rear taking care of as of now just getting to dark for pictures.

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Little update...shes green. :D



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The bumpers are getting painted black but I'm sure what to do with the rest of the trim. I kinda don't want to touch it because I'm not sure if its hard to come by or not. Eventually I'm going to really sand the car down and try to fix most of the flaws and have a professional paint job.

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looks like a little body work is needed on the fender their, let me know if you need any help or body tools i would love to hang and get some shit done.the color is really nice man good choice.chrome the bumpers and let that shit shine this summer!!!


If you weren't Oregon I'd take you up on that offer. :)




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