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ninja philbo

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ok guys here we go im goin to ask a lot of noob questions as its what i do best.



first up ive got a nissan 720 king cab in the build.


i want a turbo motor but a motor swap is out of the question.. dont ask unless ur goin to supply me with sex.. aka wife said no


so ive started to fiddle


my z22 was rebuilt not even 40000 kms ago "im in australia" and was running awesome when i pulled it out to paint the bay "12 months ago"


i may have my hands on a z20e intake mani hopeing outherwise il just make my own .


ive made the turbo manifold.


its come down to ecu


can i just rape a ka24e for all its goodies aka ecu loom all sensors dizzy and what not to get the efi running on the z22.


my z22 runs 4 plugs not twin plugs


will the ka dizzy fit or be modded easy to fit.


i plan on getting the ecu modded by a company called niztune here in aus as my tuner can tune them


so this is what im up to help!!!

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yer non existant man.

bin looking for about 2 years.

picked up a motor with no injection for the turbo mani and sump, sold the rest off.

looked at the mani didnt like it so built my own so i can use external gate and high mount the turbo .

may be onto a z20e setup so il just run it with a riseing rate fpr for abit untill im ready for more boost and after market comp.

is the z20e twin spark

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Can only speak for here in North Am. All '80-'81 Z20Es made for California were 8 plug (for stricter emissions) Federal (the other 40 states) had 4 plug heads for '80 and switched to 8 plug possibly in late '80 but certainly for '81. Canada used only the 4 plug head for these two years and switched to the 8 plug head for '82 when the Z22E came out. I have an '80 and '81 head both were 4 plug. Also the throttle chamber was slightly different between these two years and the '80 water temp sensor for the EFI near the thermostat was changed to a cylinder head temp sensor mounted near the #1/#2 exhaust side plugs. (well if the plugs had been there)

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