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l16 automatic stalls in gear


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Don't know the Mikunis at all. Do they have a choke or some way to richen the mixture on start up? If so, try that and see if it helps. It shouldn't be lean if coming off an L20B but it sounds like it.


Assume the L16 was in good tune before the swap?


Are you running vacuum advance from the manifold?

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hey guys thanks... yea it had nothing with mixture if anything we had to lean it out a grip my car would burn the gas but the stock l16 with points it was smoking it out... we had changed the plugs and unplugged the wires and mixed the last two on accident and didnt realize until we reinstalled his weber 32/36 and the motor still ran rough...so we changed everything back carb manifold linkages and pedals and turned right on perfectly and revved freely =) Its always the smallest things

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