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Parting Out '82 Maxima Diesel with 3LN71B a/t

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3spd a/t with hydraulically activated lock-up torque convertor (has low stall speed convertor as it's a diesel car), shifts fine, $175.


Engine: LD28 shortblock with adapted aluminum N42 head (machined for 12mm head bolts) and entire top end (efi, intake, etc) from '75 280Z. Makes 10:1 cr. Stock L28E cam, using L20B timing chain & cover. Includes engine electical harness, ECU, header 6:2:1. Nice long-rod high compression L6 gas engine, same block ht as L20B (taller than L24/26/28 due to longer stroke, 83mm, and rods,140mm). Runs great. One of a kind. $400. (LD28 cranks can sell for this). Will not part out engine, sold as an assy; you pull. Complete, intact, running engine. Complete engine/trans assy: $525.


Light Charcoal metallic grey Maxima hood $25, front fenders $30 ea., bumpers $20 ea., all available. Driver's doors available, $30 ea. complete. Passenger doors are totalled where car was T-boned (reason I'm selling the parts).


280ZX Turbo front and rear swaybars, $40 for the pair; you pull.


What is not for sale: LD28 head, injector pump. Alternator goes with engine.


R180 with CV axles, $60, you pull (I think it's a 3.54, I'll check).


Wheels and Tires: Infinity factory alloy wheels, 15x6.5, 20mm offset, 4 on 4.5" bolt circle, like new all-weather tires, 205/55-15 VR rated, balanced. $275.


So that is what's for sale. PM me if you are interested in purchasing what I have for sale. Please do not contact me to waste my time asking questions about how to build an LD28/gas engine hybrid and which BMW head bolts to use...do your own research, not on my time.


Thanks for looking.


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