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Engine shut down problem


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I have an 86' 720 and whenever I shut off the engine it shakes pretty hard for a second or two and then stops. I've been trying to find some solution to the problem for awhile now and i'm not having much luck.


At first I thought it may be a broken motor mount, but they seem fine. Also someone else suggested to check the vacuum advance to the dizzy.

I've heard of dieseling, but Im not too familiar with it. So could that possibly be the problem? If so, how would you go about fixing it?

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The engine and carb are all stock, with 170k.


I bought it about two months and the owner said the carb had been rebuilt within the last year, but I'm not sure if it really had been.



Also, this is probably a major newb question, but where do I post an introduction?

Every forum I've been on has an area just for that and I haven't found one here.

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