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510 - Heater A/C KA24DE


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I need to drop in a heater core and an A/C unit. The motor is a KA24DE. Has anyone done this in a 510? I need to check what units are small enough to fit behind the dash, otherwise gotta find some super unique options.


Vintage Air makes some really nice units. I have one in my 240Z. I used the Gen2 mini.


Check out their catalog:



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Yeah I heard about Vintageair actually. I'll have to look into it again. Does it still use the compressor that runs off the stock pump?


The Vintage Air (VA) unit is the underdash unit with the fan and evaporator. You can use the compressor from most cars and then you need the condensor (part in front of the radiator) and a dryer. Just make sure you get the refrigerant conversion kit if your old compressor runs on R12 as the old seals will need to be changed to run on R134.


I used a sanderson compressor and the rest of the stuff came from VA and I had the A/C shop custom make some new lines.

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I just finished a few months ago putting in a Vintage Air Gen II Compac system in my goon. The Compac system fits and is hardly any bigger than the Mini system and has a little more capacity. I used the stock KA compressor. The heater works really well, the A/C does okay in the Louisiana heat, but I think you are really limited by the condenser size. You can see in the pic below where I mounted the controls in the stock location. Also, the KA compressor interferes with where a KA sway bar would normally reside. I had to make spacers to drop the bar 1" to clear. It is hard to see anything in the picture, but I can take more if you want.






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