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COMPLETE perfect 155k mile A14 motor w/ 5 speed

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So I'm about to pull my 1981 A14 motor with around 155,000 miles(runs great, no problems at all) and 5 speed transmission to install the L series motor.


$400 for the complete engine, picked up with everything attached to it including radiator. Has a new clutch(I put it in) with around 5000 miles on it. Also has new distributor cap & rotor, wires, NGK plugs... This engine has electronic ignition. NO POINTS! Transmission is included but 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gears are munched. 4th and 5th seem fine.


Can deliver in/ around Atlanta for a fee. I can help you load it into a truck with my engine hoist if you pick it up

Drive the car if you want first, but the transmission is pretty much good for parts only.

Engine does not smoke, and consumes almost no oil at all.


At best overall on an entire tank of gas, 36mpg at 70MPH, at worst 28mpg all city.


I may change my mind and build the engine into a generator so hurry up before I buy generator parts!

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