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strip'n '78 emmision crap from A14

Doc Wheeler

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I'm salvaging a '78 A14 from a '78 B210.. for a Ratsun Rod

that will take shape as a '28 Ford roadster pickup tub...


First- *Yank every hose and plug every open hole... except?


1. vacuum line to distributor

2. vacuum hose to brake booster


Plumb heater hose outlet to inlet (to disable heater)


Q? what about the pipe coming out of the exhaust and

back to carb plate???


I'm running a GM one wire battery.. and salvaging the

electronic ignition using the "transistor ignition mo dual"

and after market wiring harness..


Doc- PDX

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You can use a pipe wrench to remove the EGR tube from the exhaust manifold. Just hacksaw the tube a couple of inches above the fitting. Take the fitting to a hardware store and get a metric pipe thread plug to seal the exhaust. Or you can crush the pipe end with vice grips and roll it to seal. Doesn't look as nice.


If using in winter or cold weather in the PNW keep the carb warm air feature connected to the air filter to prevent carb icing. Oh yeah heater deleted:rolleyes:

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Not familiar with the A14 but don't plug up the crank vent or else the fumes from the blowback will contaminate the oil and ruin seals over time. At the very least, route that back to the intake. If it has it, you can leave the EGR thermal circuit and that way you will have easier starts in the cold before the engine warms up and then will open when its hot and pull from the fumes from the crank.

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