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  1. I'm sure they are probably under my seat still. I still haven't posted to classifieds yet, but I'm asking $1800 obo. lots of extra parts and the Datsun trailer for another $800.
  2. So, here I am wandering back. I still haven't done anything to my truck. I have made up my mind to sell it. Anybody want to make me an offer? I'll post in the buy/sell section if I can remember how to find it :) EDIT: No more classifieds section?
  3. Tis a 2000 Outback. All I've really done is get a nice ass hitch put on and some sweet Perelli all seasons. I guess you can rather easily put on later model struts that are slightly taller along with some spacers and get a good suspension lift going. But the only reason I say is because a guy selling True Green actually ditched his sales pitch to talk truck with me and wondering if I was selling it. He wasn't sure if it was running and I laughed, saying I could probably start it up right now and burn cookies in the street. He wants to drop a 350 in it I guess. I have no Idea if he has a
  4. Hello everybody! I almost feel embarrased posting since it has been so long. I really haven't touched my truck since I got the Subaru. I honestly don't know if I want to put more into this project or not even though I'm pretty much done. That said, a guy asked me if I was selling it and it really hadn't occured to me until now that I might be. I wanted to ask here first. Would anybody here be interested in purchasing this fine project? The engine is brand new rebuilt, I have a spare even that hasn't been rebuilt, a trailer (Datsun of course) full of parts. I'm kind of want to kee
  5. I haven't touched my truck since I got the subaru so I don't need anything right now. I do live close to the junk yard now so getting parts isn't a big deal anymore. thanks though.
  6. It's been for ever and a day since I've posted and even longer since I've touched my truck. I've been lurking on the forums a bit, but haven't posted. I'm still alive if anybody cares :) Out of a need to have a reliable vehicle for going up/down to Coeur d' Alene from Boise and to the Oregon coast and back, not to mention back and forth to work 20 minutes each way... I purchased a 2000 Subaru Outback. I got a good deal and it's super clean. Only thing is the Catalytic converters need replacing (check engine light went off right after I got it home!) and it probably needs a tune up so I
  7. lucky! Now get me a set! You need to show the mill work to get them to fit on your truck so I can copy you!
  8. Finally somebody who treats a truck like a truck. I don't like them lowered :) I like it, though I don't think I would ever go that high with mine.
  9. So Today is the last day of my "vacation". Is there there a pizza think tomorrow?
  10. Sorry to do this folks, but I won't be coming this time. My mom passed this morning. I spent the last 3 hours just staring at my computer screen at work so I went home. Probably going to fly outta here tonight, haven't worked out what's going on yet while my lil bro is dealing with cremation shite.
  11. I have a sender, and it worked when I tested it out of the tank, and IN the tank before I tightened up that ring, but after it was stuck at 3/4 tank again. I think it is being twisted slightly and binding on something inside it when I tighten the ring. I probably just need to either drop the tank (pain in the ass) or take off the bed (also a pain in the ass).
  12. lol@farmer So I would listen to him... I JUST got pulled over for "failure to come to a complete stop". It was BS because I stopped behind and to the right of a guy going left so I could see, AFTER it was clear I went. He didn't give me a ticket... but I suspect he was just profiling the truck. OH, and I just went to the JY today and got some goodies for the 620 Sadly no good dash plastic :( Near perfect hood Near perfect front bumper (with rubber bumpers) two sets of windshield wiper squirters/jets good headlight plugs/boots pull switch (not sure what to yet) gas tank gaske
  13. I can say right now I'm probably going to make it, but I'm also going to say I don't know for sure. I didn't really want to put this out there, but my mom has had terminal liver cancer and she lost the fight awhile ago. She just recently stopped eating and we think she has days left. So I could be leaving town at a moments notice soon. So there's that. I will come if I don't have THAT thing going on.
  14. So sorry I haven't been to any meets lately. I FINALLY got a new house. I'm in Nampa now so joining you folks for the meets won't be too big of a deal now assuming they are still happening. Got a sweet ass 2 car garage now so I'll finally be able to do some work on the truck proper like. Hope you guys haven't given up on me. The truck is still running like a raped ape. I drive it back/forth to work nearly every day. I've probably put at least 15k miles on it since the engine rebuild.
  15. You!? a dick? NEVER! :P I am completely aware of the pressure regulator setup. I used to have a fuel pump at the tank, it died, I put the original in to see if it would pump, it did and I haven't got around to put it how it's supposed to be yet :) And for the KA alternator, it wasn't no 100amp from what I read and I wanted the full Monte here.
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