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Racer Brown Camshaft and Valve train


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I was poking around and found this. It is the 44 pages from a book that came out in 1973 titled How to modify Darsun engines and chassis.


Here is the link:


It is a very good thing to read about your engine. It was written about the L-engines, but the general information is still up to date.

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L-24 cam bearings are lubricated in the same way as in the L-16/L-18 engines, but the cam lobe/rocker pad interfaces are lubricated in a different and much more satisfactory manner. An external steel tubing oil gallery bolts to Nos. 1,3 and 5 cam towers on the rocker. Pivot side. Oil to this gallery is supplied under pressure by drillings in the No. 3 cam tower. Short transverse pipes aim oil streams directly at each of the cam lobe/rocker pad interfaces.


Anybody got any photos of this setup, I would be interested in fabbing up a setup like this if I can get some detailed pics to go off of.

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