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Wider Tires?


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I am putting my 1971 521 Back on Road Tonite, and all four tires on it are El-Bald! I Want to start with replacing the Back 2 so I have some grip and tread to get me thru the rest of winter, and spring.


Right now there are 4 x 14" Chrome Baby Moons. Size on all four is 205/75/14.


I will take the best 2 of the four, Rotate them to the front.


I want to Buy two Brand New Tires, but want something wider, but I can't really go taller because the Truck was lowered by P-O.


Keep in Mind Current size is 205/75/14...my main question is How Wide Can I go? Suggestions....?


Here are pictures of how it sits:







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Wider is going to rub on bumps I think. Wider will not necessarily be better in snow or mud. Wider will ride up on snow easier because the same weight is spread over a larger footprint. It's the equivalent of hydroplaning on water. Narrow (or stock) puts the most weight per square inch and it digs in better to get at the pavement. Very wide or high flotation tires used in off road conditions allow the weight to be spread out so the vehicle can ride on top of mud and soft ground without sinking in and getting mired.


All things equal, wider look better.

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255 55R 14...... 10.04" wide by 25.04" tall

260 55R 14...... 10.24" wide by 25.26" tall

265 55R 14...... 10.43" wide by 25.48" tall

270 55R 14...... 10.63" wide by 25.69" tall

275 55R 14...... 10.83" wide by 25.91" tall


All within 1/2" height of the 265 55R 14

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