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So CaL's 720


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So i havent had time to post pics. Well here it goes

Bought it about a year and a half ago from this old lady.

Her husband past away and never completed the head gasket swap. (Its Arizona its hot lol)

Well it sat with no hood from 2006 till about 2007-08 (I bought it)

All the parts were kept in zip lock baggies with lables telling where they go and what the are for. (Pretty cool hahaha)



Pretty cool little truck



Pretty nasty...


Then the fun part began.. Trying to find a z2.2 was a nightmare... took a little over a year.







out with the old in with the new



Got to love Arizona and its minimum rust



Brake master/booster and clutch master




All clean



How it sits now

And my pops datsun and trucks





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Well got the carb any everything in now. It runs like a champ. However, about a month ago i was going through an intersection when all of a sudden i hear a loud thud and burnt clutch. I pushed it out of the way and into a gas station. Called my dad and he towed me home. Pulled the trans Saturday to see what i blew up. Now im not exactly sure on how to explain it but. The clutch disc was broke. Where the springs are and everything in the middle spun and broke. I wish i could have gotten a picture but i forgot. Sunday rolls by, i get a new clutch install it and call it a day. On my way first test drive with the new clutch i saw a little bit of smoke and i didn't worry much. Then i got on the freeway doing about 65 70 for about Thirty minutes i pull off the free way due to my exit and the truck dies. Note that before the freeway the truck ran great. Now it wont stay idling. Took it to a buddy and got the fixed. But now its smoking and i hope its no rings. Its a white smoke and only does it at idle or take offs. Anyone experience it in their 720?

I am also getting a 85 Nissan 720 this weekend. No matter how bad i wanted to sell mine i love it way to much and got another for 400 bucks.

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