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how i got my 77 620 KC


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ok im new to ratsun forums, and datsuns in general, well i just got my first datsun, 1977 datsun king cab, with a l20b and a 4 spd. but before i go into details about that ill tell you the story. ive always liked datsun 510's alot, i really want one, but they are kinda hard to afford when your 16 without a job. well my grandma has a neighbor with a datsun 620 longbed, and ive seen that one around her block for the past 10 years, the guy still drives it everyday. i liked his truck i just didnt know the model of it, im into 4x4's, ive never really seriously thought about a 2wd street truck. until 3 days ago, i had my ranger 4x4 in the tri-cities craigslist, about a week ago and i kept getting offers for junk cars, and just stuff not worth anything. then 3 days ago i got a text from a guy wanting to trade me his 77 datsun 2wd king cab. at first i didnt really want to, but after thinking it over, i decided i wanted something different, and well this datsun is definetally different so he showed up that night in the dark and we traded straight across, he told me aout what he has done to it, and threw in a bunch of extra parts. and we traded, i was having some second thoughts later that night since i didnt really see it since it was dark, from what i saw (the interior) it looked like a POS. but then the next morning before school, i went out in the freezing cold and looked it over, i instantly fell in love. the best part is that the motor fired right up in 5 degree weather, its even all stock. i also found out that the guy who owned this his account name is Dat620 77' and he has helped me out alot with this truck. i found out yesterday that the ranger i traded him fell apart on the way home, the front 4x4 axleshaft broke and took out the brakes, and when they went to put it on the trailer, the driverside front wheel fell off, well theres a for for ya, but anyways, hes still happy with the trade, so i have a new truck. i plan on doing a weber carb, with a header, putting the extra 5 spd he gave me in it, redoing the interior, and painting it eventually, but for now im just going to go over it with some flat black where it needs it since its flat black already. it needs a speedometer cable, both shift boots (the one that goes on the ground, and one for a center console). i found a 73-74 speedometer cable, but will it work with the 77?




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