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My 2 projects other than my 240, PIC HEAVY!

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The first isnt really a project. It is my daily driver until I have my 240z ready, then it will be my wifes daily driver, although Im kind of scared to let her drive it. She has hit both of her parents cars, her uncles car, a dumpster, managed to pop both passenger side tires at the same time, and hit a cemented in pole in our garage. If that cemented in pole wasnt there, she would have hit the water heater blink.gif.


Anyways it is a 2009 Nissan Altima Coupe. Unfortunately I opted for the 2.5 QR engine instead of the 3.5 VQ, and the CVT instead of the 6 speed, which I regret to this day. Other than that, the car is fairly quick for being only a 175HP 4 cyl and weighing a little more than 3000 lbs, it spins the tires pretty easily and ive hit 125 mph in it a few times. I put straight pipes on it, upgraded the stock steel wheels to 20" KMC 127 Dime wheels, wrapped in 245/40/ZR20 rubber, replaced the halogen lights with 6000k HID's, added limo tint to the rear and side rear windows, had the head light and tail light lenses professionaly tinted (sprayed, not film), and had the interior all done in leather. I was going to lower it with some Eibachs and put a GTR concepts body kit on it, but I think I will leave it as is if my wife will be driving, id probably go through a new front bumper in a few months lol. Anyways, heres some oics



Dont worry, tires were changed the same day this pic was taken. I get my money worth out of tires, usually running them completely bald lol







The day I got it, notice the ridiculous wheel gaps??? I went with a higher profile tire to fix it a little...



A video of the straight pipe sound, this was on cold start up, about 40 degrees outside



My next project is a 1979 Chevy Scottsdale 3/4 ton. All of the suspension, including brakes, clutch, flywheel, and towing has been replaced with 1 ton or heavier duty. It has Dana 60 front and rear, 5th wheel, bumper pull, and thats about it. Other than that it is completely stock with the original 350 small block and granny low 4 speed tranny. I havent done much to it as it is on non op and is a gas guzzler (6 mpg woo!), but it is a blast to take it out to the dunes here (thats right, only beach in CA you can legally go off roading on is about 10 blocks from my house). The only thing I have done is gut the interior, polish up the wheels, and replace the valve covers, air cleaner, paint the engine, and yank the AC. Oics...


This is what I started with, minus the air cleaner


Heres how it looks now


Original 4 barrell Quadrajet carb, dialed in perfectly, no hiccups



Sloppy paint, has since been fixed


American Racing



Well that is it other than my 1970 240z. Winter sucks so Im not able to get much done on any of them, but they keep me busy.

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Ah but the Chevy is not pretty at all. Copper colored, rusty, single cab, 8 foot long bed, pretty awkward but Ill try to get some of it, I dont have any full shots and it is in a different city right now, but ill give it a shot. I havent been working on it much pending finding a new front clip, bed, and cab from a 73-75 for smog reasons. I cant smog it right now because I have the exhaust set up illegally for california. It runs 100% clean, just wont pass visual inspection.

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