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Traded 3.0 12.5:1 l28 for a.......


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Well, I just couldn't take paying for 110 octane fuel just to enjoy my car. I had built the motor for strictly track use but of course, I just couldn't NOT drive it. A good bud of mine needed a motor and with some tweaks, will get it to run on 100 octane which around here is 1/2 as much as 110. So, I traded him the block for his '78 280z. I get to keep the Rebello balancer, Rebello headers, Datrod's billet stuff, polished valve cover, RPS clutch and HKS flywheel. All that will find it's way onto the '78. Here's a couple crappy pics to start with.............and yes, damn it, I am lowering it to some less "rock-climber" looking stance. Now, I can do my '70 justice and do a complete 'well done' rebuild. I just couldn't be without a good Z to terrorize Tucson with!




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I'll get better pics soon. I HAD to keep your chiney pieces John! Those bumpers are just so HUGE so they're gone and like I said, it's going down into the weeds . Still, I don't plan on going too crazy with it. The '70 240 is still the priority. I can't wait to begin the restoration! You saw her in all her ugliness awhile back at Streets of Willow. That car deserves better.

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