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620! Projector Headlight kit.

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They are 620 headlight backingplates that have the projectors mounted in them, so if you need mounting depth or any of that let me know and i can measure them.

I would like 250 for them but an open to offers and part trades...

another thing... of those of you that know me and have seen my work i can assure you that these are well put together and all the cuts are straight and they look damn nice! I would not hesitate to put these in a dd/show truck



The only thing that you need to get is the female electrical connectors which you can get new from rock auto

ACDELCO Part # LS254 {2-WAY FEMALE GRAY #88862194}


* Non-stock item--shipping delayed up to 5 business days


$6.81 $0.00 $6.81


you would need two of those... On with the photos!!!






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