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console for a 521

Ronnie D

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hello, I placed this question on "general technical" and it was suggested that I try this spot...so here it goes......I just bought my first datsun truck, it is a 1970 521. The question is....did the 521 come out with a floor console like the 620, if so does anyone know where I can find one,,,,,if not, my next question would be......can you put a console from a 620 in the 521 and would it look good and fit right.


Any thoughts or help with this would be greatly appreciated.




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Just do it! No-one can see it when you are driving and only a 521 or 620 owner might notice it's out of place. If it says Datsun on it, it works. Try the 720 truck or one of the Datsun cars as well. Nothing says it has to be from a truck. The 720 4X4 had an oil pressure and a volts gauge in the consul. Here's mine in my 620:



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Keep in mind the heater is directly behind where that would sit. In my opinion, and appropriate console that would accomodate the heater core would be a back to front console like center consoles in trucks (s10, blazer, exploder, etc). but that requires swapping your bench to buckets if you havent already. You could try your local parts store (kragen, napa). They carry an assortment of smaller consoles at my local one that you could put on the bench or mount to the trans tunnel.

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