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Weber DFV on an L16?

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Hey, I recently came up on a 70 510 Wagon that had a seized engine. I yanked the engine out and pulled it apart. I could either bore this one 60-over along with new pistons, or I could just swap in another L16 that I had laying around. Easy choice.

The engine I swapped in is a complete assembly, down to the intake and exhaust manifolds. On top of the intake, there's a Weber DFV, which was a little different to see, as I'm used to seeing the more common 32/36 DGV.

My question here is, does anybody have a simple solution to hooking up the throttle linkage to this carb? If you're unfamiliar with the design, the best way to describe it is that it's like putting a mirror next to the DGV, and that's how the throttle linkage is set up(The primary barrel is on the outside of the carb, closest to the driver's side fender, rather than on the inside, closest to the valve cover. If it can't be very easily done, I'll just swap over a DGV.

I'm curious as to why the PO had this carb on, and how he was running it. If it's easily done, I'll leave it(seeing as how it's actually in really nice shape). Otherwise, I'll make the switch. Thanks.

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Trying to make the mechanical linkage work backwards for the DFV is a real PITA I eventually said screw it, and went with different carbs

I was able to get the DFV to work, but it was never quite right.

If I had not gotten a deal on some su's I would have built a throttle cable to try and make it work correctly.

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